After two previous vinyl releases, one album and one EP, bringing together graffiti writers in the capacity of music producers from around the world, Ruyzdael proudly presents Writers on Wax Volume 2: harboring a compilation of music produced by eight international artists with a background as graffiti writers, who have mastered The Sound of Graffiti. The vinyl and digital release, to go along with an exhibition in Miami and a signing and release party in Amsterdam, will be available from 1 December via and selected retailers worldwide.

With Writers on Wax Volume 2, Ruyzdael brings the project to the next stage. Not only does it feature eight new artists, but the release is also accompanied by a group exhibition which will be shown at the Museum of Graffiti in Miami, FL. After the exhibition opens during Miami Art Week on 1 December 2022, showing works from artists such as DELTA (NL), BLADE (USA) and NUG (SE), there is a signing and release party in Amsterdam om 10 December.

Writers on Wax started in 2019 as a way of creating a platform for artists rather known as graffiti writers than as musicians. With Volume 1 featuring OSGEMEOS, NOXER and NUG, among others, Writers on Wax saw its first manifestation on a worldwide vinyl release. A year later, it was followed by All Out Kings, a three-track EP featuring VEN (ADAM X), Frankie BONES and PURE, displaying their techno prowess. The third release brings together different artists and different genres, celebrating the diversity of graffiti and its eclectic musical influences.

Graffiti and music have always been linked. With movies like Wild Style (1983), Style Wars (1982) and the rap boom coming out of New York during the early eighties, graffiti became inextricably tied to hip hop. Not only does Writers on Wax allow some of the artists to showcase their hidden talents, but it also disrupts a persistent prejudice against graffiti being hip hop. The album carries sounds as diverse as jazz, techno, electro, and funk, celebrating the diversity of graffiti today through sound. 

It is exactly that diversity that Ruyzdael’s Ferry van Zijderveld wants The Sound of Graffiti to represent. With The Sound of Graffiti, we bring out the beauty, versatility and development of the creators of the phenomenon,” he explains. “Many graffiti writers have developed in other disciplines besides graffiti with a similar spirit. The mentality and culture of this worldwide scene still persist.”

That persistence and perseverance, in the end, is also what characterizes the graffiti culture. In over 40 years, the culture has developed immensely and, in turn, traversed the oceans to become a worldwide urban phenomenon. The record, as well as the accompanying exhibitions, do the same. “The goal of the exhibition is to make that development visible,” Van Zijderveld explains. The connection between music and graffiti is inextricable, and we’re showing and performing it in this way for the first time. The music is permanent and tangible, as it is on vinyl, and graffiti is, by definition, always relevant, partly because of the often temporary nature of the works on the street.”

With Volume 2 in the Writers on Wax series, the entire project has featured 19 tracks from 19 graffiti writers. All writers have different backgrounds and experiences and were all selected by Van Zijderveld himself. “All the writers I have selected are writers who are or have been relevant within the spectrum of graffiti. They are all people who have made their mark in the scene through innovation, style or perseverance. Some writers might be lesser known in the graffiti world but have earned their stripes with their musical careers. 


Writers on Wax Volume 2 releases on 1 December via and record stores worldwide. The record features music from BLADE, Boris DELTA Tellegen, CREDIT00, DUDES, COCA82, CEMOS, CHAZE and KAPI ONE. 

Writers on Wax: The Sound of Graffiti exhibition opens on 1 December at the Museum of Graffiti in Miami, during Miami Art Week 2022 and will last for 12 weeks. Besides the exhibition, there is a signing and release party in Amsterdam on 10 December. The project is supported by Montana Colors.

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