Ruyzdael Publishing

Ruyzdael Publishing celebrates the enriching power of art and culture, fostering connections and sparking thought. We share untold stories and creations from unconventional creators, offering an alternative narrative. Our publications and products bridge the gap between creators, artists & believers and environment, staying true to our initial visions: Ruyzdael Publishing as a voice for graffiti, art, and street culture, and Ruyzdael Music as a platform for music related content. Ruyzdael Publishing is founded, fuelled and pushed by Ferry van Zijderveld, graphic designer, curator, street culture expert by experience. We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In the history before the birth of Ruyzdael in 2016, and its re-birth as Ruyzdael Publishing in 2024, Ferry was the in-official publisher and/or designer of various other publications and projects related to the same vibe and culture as what is now Ruyzdael Publishing. Books like I Am Just Trying To Be Nice (NUG, 2013), Burn & Learn (in collaboration with Henny Overbeek, 2007), 8697 (Boris DELTA Tellegen, 2016), CES53 (Ces53, 2021) and The Same Line, photo-exhibition, 2005 to mention a few. Ferry also works commission based in his not so
average design and visual strategy studio UNDOG.