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Why Oh Why

Why Oh Why

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The publication War of Words was published 10 years ago to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of graffiti crew WOW. This publication, a time-capsule printed in newspaper format - matching the characteristics of the subject, graffiti - found great demand. A limited edition only of 400 copies found its way worldwide easy and was gone in a couple of days. A video promoting and stressing the exclusivity of the project helped spreading the word. 

Now guess what…? A little leftover stash was found a while ago in the dungeons and is combined in a special package with a new publication. Why oh Why shows the past 10 years (2010-2020) in addition to the first 20 (1989-2010). It shows never published material from 2010 to 2020 in ‘a folded poster format’ with a sweet selection of photographs. Why oh Why x War of Words and the stand alone Why oh Why both come in a numbered enveloppe.

Those who know, know...

Why Oh Why - Tabloid
48 pages 
Full colour


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